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The Law Office of Stuart A. Halsan  
*  Monitoring the introduction of legislation
*  Tracking the progress of bills
*  Preparing, coordinating and presenting testimony
*  Advocacy to support, amend or oppose legislation
*  Organizing allies and coalitions
*  Drafting amendments and proactive legislation
*  Arrange for support teams in public relations, polling, focus groups, grass roots advocacy, experts and other needed services

For association clients we can additionally:
*  Prepare legislative newsletter articles
*  Establish legislative blogs
*  Organize on-line meetings
*  Do in-house on-line polling of membership
*  Reports to boards and membership
*  Arranging for guest speakers
*  Presentations at meetings and conventions on legislative action and the political process

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We offer the following services and more, and can establish a legislative effort or program specifically suited to each clients individual needs: